Shopping for an Exhibit? Hot Tips for Creating a RFP

June 1th

Whether your company is just starting out on the trade show circuit or your current booth makes retro-displays seem contemporary, shopping for a new display requires a well-written request for proposal (RFP) so prospective vendors have all the pertinent information. Resulting proposals include similar line items, so you can compare apples with apples when doing line-by-line comparisons.

Writing an RFP That Yields the Results You Need

Neglecting to include key points in your RFP is akin to leaving a couple of rooms or features out of a set of floor plans you provide to prospective contractors. They will give you a bid – but you’ll wind up needing change-order after change-order as the building is completed, leading to a frustrating build-out and extra costs that throw your project over budget.

The following are tips for writing an RFP that include all the pertinent information vendors need to provide an accurate proposal.

Tell them about yourself. Creating winning trade show displays is one-part artistry and one-part intuition or psychology. The vendors are already artists, but the more information you provide about your company, its brand, the feelings or energy you want the display to convey, current sales, trade show goals, etc., the more they will can intuit the type of display that will “fit” your company and its prospective customers. You  may want to include marketing and sales information, your press kit, and, of course, your website URL and social media accounts.

How does your trade show exhibit fit into the big picture? Different companies have different goals for their trade show exhibits. The more you can tell them about how your trade show display fits into the bigger picture and your company’s goals, the better. Does the display need to be horizontal and/or vertical? Fixed or changeable? Is it solely for trade shows or will it be used at other events or smaller venues?

Be specific about design requirements. Why are they designing this in the first place? What didn’t you like about your current display, and what features do you hope to see in this one? Make sure they’re aware of any restrictions/requirements set forth by your corporate office and, again, be specific about the sales message, feelings, and emotion your display should convey.

Once the proposals pour in, Eventrio’s RFP management software makes it easy to organize, track and compare your proposals in a single application.

Contact the innovative team at to learn more. We’re revolutionizing trade show planning and post-show procedures and taking them to new strata of efficiency.

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