Person-to-Person & Face-to-Face Marketing Needed for Amplifying Brands

July 24th

Logos, booth display color and design motifs, unforgettable demonstrations – all are important for brand recognition and sales. Even so, face-to-face marketing at trade shows is integral to amplifying your brand.

In an era when digital connections are often the only connections made in the business world, face time can feel like a thing of the past. Live events are your company’s chance to capitalize on the value of human connection.

Amplify Your Brand & Sales With Face-to-Face Marketing at Trade Shows

face-to-face marketing at trade shows

Using face-to-face marketing at trade shows is beneficial. Source: Shutterstock

In a recent interview with three leading marketing experts, explores why face-to-face marketing is vital to building lasting relationships with clients, vendors, and customers. We’ve highlighted some of the most salient points for you to ponder as you create your upcoming trade show contacts and VIP invite list, so you can capitalize on this new “old-school” idea.

“Face-to-face engagement is still the best way to build relationships, even though technology allows us to network everyday.

Gini Dietrich says that while digital marketing is powerful for networking and spreading your brand’s message at large, some of the best means of building lasting client relationships are via smaller venue events such as cocktail parties and dinners. In addition to your plans to create a stand-out trade show booth, look into sponsorship and VIP event planning that can get your most qualified leads in a more intimate setting where one-on-one contact will pay off.

“Buyers come into an event more well-informed, so they can make better use of their time at a show. They ask better questions, and are able to dig deeper.”

Scott Goldman emphasizes online marketing means most trade show attendees arrive to a booth informed about a company’s basic tenets and products. Therefore, your booth should be set up such that true trade show newbies can find out general information while the digitally informed have access to more in-depth meetings and consults where they can have tougher and more detailed questions answered by the pros.

“The real connection between you and the other person is always going to be higher after you’ve met.

Andy Crestodina’s insight reminds us face-to-face interaction makes lead follow-up an more enjoyable post-event chore – not only for your leads but for your marketing staff as well. If your company prioritizes face-to-face marketing at the next trade show, odds are you’ll have the edge on competitors when it’s time to nurture those leads into sales.’s products and service are designed to optimize the trade show planning and follow up process. Contact us to learn more.

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