Part 1: 10 Questions to Ask Before Saying ‘Yes’ to a Trade Show

June 8th

The lure of a new business trip location, the high of post-trade show leads and sales, and a chance to prove yourself to your employers can make well-meaning employees say, “Yes!” to a trade show invite without determining whether or not it’s the right venue for their company. Part of preparing for a trade show means figuring out whether or not a particular location, set of dates, venue, and attendee roster are really right for you.

Consider These Five Questions When Preparing For a Trade Show

After a while, you’ll learn which trade shows have an ROI worth the work it takes to get you there. Even seasoned trade show professionals perform a considerable amount of due diligence as target markets and sales goals evolve and as new trade show opportunities become available.

The following five questions can help determine whether a particular trade show is worth your RSVP.

  1. Why am I participating in the show? You should never attend a trade show for attending’s sake. Instead, always have a specific goal in mind. Are you showcasing a new product/service? Are you hoping to expand your target market? Does your previous years’ records for this show indicate a higher or lower ROI than others?

    Want a quick answer to that last one? Consider using’s features which make instant reports available from previous trade show attendance so you can make data-driven decisions.

  2. Am I organized enough? Preparing for a trade show ahead of time can yield serious savings in terms of early bird discounts and negotiable rates with shipping providers and trade show suppliers. You can track these details instantly with the right apps and innovative trade show planning tools.
  3. How much space do I need? If you’re heck-bent on attending a particular show but are coming in at the last hour, or the show is particularly expensive, reconsider your booth space needs. You may find that building up rather than out, or simplifying your current display, will save costs while still yielding qualified leads.
  4. Do I have time to plan a presentation or sponsor an event? The more exposure you have the better, so it might be smart to skip one trade show in order to go full throttle at the next one via VIP events or sponsorships. You want your brand to be as memorable as possible.
  5. What metrics will I use to measure leads and interest? Your metrics are key to determining how successful a trade show appearance will be or was. Unsure how to track important trade show data and metrics?

Visit to learn more about our trade show specific tools and software that provide the data you need right at your fingertips.

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