Out-of-the-Box Presentations for Killer Trade Shows

June 1th

“Step right up, folks! See the next exhibition of Product X from Company YZ…” We know entertainment is a part of the game when it comes to attracting visitors to trade show booths. However, entertainment for entertainment’s sake only gets you so far.

If you want to attract serious contenders to your company’s booth or demonstration and make a lasting impression, you need to do more than juggle some balls or pull a company pen from a passerby’s ear.

Winning Ideas for Out-of-the-Box Trade Show Presentations

The way to attendees’ hearts – and to cement yourself in their minds – is to balance entertainment with product information, general education, and brand reinforcement. Here are examples of winning, out-of-the-box trade show presentations that kept booth attendance at record-highs but also left a lasting impression on visitors’ minds.

Make magic relevant. Well-executed magic tricks are impossible to ignore, but they won’t work magic on booth visitors unless they’re orchestrated in a way that ties in with your company’s products and/or brand message. Meet with your magician well ahead of time and make him/her a believer in your products or services. Find ways to incorporate their attributes, company facts, etc., into the magic act. That’s what Brulin & Co. Inc., did when they hired a magician for their 2013 ISSA/Interclean North America show. The magician choreographed tricks that highlighted the benefits of their products and services – combining real entertainment with product selling points.

Find the most uniquely legitimate act you can. Start pounding the internet search engines to find the most unusual, unique, and rarely-seen forms of entertainment and then tweak them to suit your needs. Global Experience Specialists Inc., hired renowned (in certain circles) sand artist Charlene Lanzel to create beautiful live projected sand art presentations using her own material, as well as material that featured some of GES’s clients.

Give them a show – times two. Huge shows, like the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), make it a bigger challenge to leave a lasting impression. Thus, Wilsonart LLC., a laminate countertop manufacturer, hired a local comedy troupe to perform skits that got people laughing – and included gentle digs at competitors’ granite products, After the show, visitors were invited to complete a short survey. Those who did received a ticket to a “real” show at the comedy troupe’s theater over the course of the trade show’s run. As a result, Wilsonart obtained 100 additional qualified leads.

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