Give Your Booth Visitors a Unique and Memorable Impression

June 9th

Are you equally as bored with typical trade show booth giveaways? The sad thing is, as much as we loathe them, it’s quite the challenge to come up with new, creative, and unique giveaways to offer booth visitors. Fortunately, there is hope.

Memorable Trade Show Giveaways That Leave a Lasting Impression

Perhaps the best way to re-envision booth giveaways is to think about how things have changed over the past several decades. Aforementioned pens date back to an era when most of us wrote with pens. Now you’re more likely write with fingertips on a screen. By thinking about how your prospective clients operate in the modern world, you’re more apt to offer gadgets and gizmos they can actually use.

The following are examples:

A Smart Wallet. A smart wallet is a thin, silicone cover that attaches to the back of a mobile device and is completely logo friendly. Once applied, it allows your smart phone or gadget to store credit cards, your driver’s license and more. They’re wildly popular and extremely useful. Odds are that you will get to watch booth visitors slip their phones into your giveaway right before your very eyes, a constant reminder that you are there for them when they’re ready to purchase your products or services.

Microfiber cloths. Perhaps one of the best things about this particular giveaway is that it’s almost impossible to have too many. They can be used for everything from your eyeglasses to your gadget and computer screens. Microfiber cloths are great for the car, a purse, a wallet, the desk(s), etc. Order the ones in a vinyl pouch for a higher-quality look and convenience.

Power Banks. Want to become somebody’s hero? Give them a way to charge their gadgets when they’re nowhere near an outlet. Power Banks come in multiple color options, making them attractive hosts for your company’s logo, and you will literally save the day countless times for prospective clients on the go. These may be one of the most memorable trade show giveaways ever.

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