Generate Buzz Around Your Trade Show with Flash Marketing Tactics

July 31th

Trade show themes and marketing go hand-in-hand. Or, at least, they should. Unfortunately, too many trade shows have a dearth of boring, everyone’s-just-like-the-other booth presentations, which leave nothing memorable for trade show attendees to take home with them. Independent consultant Candy Adams writes:

“I just returned from one of the largest shows in the United States…However, I was underwhelmed by a majority of the exhibits…It was tough to find exhibits with any semblance of a clear, memorable theme.”

There’s an example of what you DON’T want to do – put all your effort, energy, and financial resources into a booth that is considered boring and forgettable. Instead, do what it takes and spend time, energy, and resources brainstorming flash marketing tactics and a memorable booth theme that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Tips For Generating a Buzz at Your Next Trade Show

trade show themes and marketing

Try these trade show themes and marketing. Source: Shutterstock

Well-planned trade show themes and marketing techniques will make your booth the most memorable one yet.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of a good theme. The more you can carry out your theme from invites and pre-trade show marketing, to the design of your booth, the items you give away, the food you serve, etc., the more memorable the experience will be for your clients and booth exhibitors. Put time in early to really hone in on a catchy or clever idea and then optimize that idea to its fullest so your brand, products, and services stick in the minds of your booth guests.
  2. Use suspenseful marketing. While you might not be able to orchestrate a real flash mob experience, you can use flash marketing techniques to generate interest in your booth long before the trade show even starts. Leverage social media accounts to regularly post teasers (Where will you be Friday, March XX at 2:00?). The more you talk it up, the more interest will be generated, then your 2:00 performance or clever demonstration is bound to have more visitors than it would have otherwise.
  3. Take your idea off-site. Start talking to the restaurants and cafes located within walking distance of the trade show venue. Is there a way you can promote your booth from an off-site location? Perhaps you partner with a local establishment or restaurant to use coasters with invites, contest entry codes, freebies, or other enticing offers so those who wander off-site will be motivated to visit your booth and claim their prize. has software programs and one-touch features that makes it easy to handle trade show theme planning and marketing in one, simple location. Contact us to learn more.

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