Face-to-Face Connections Drive Collaboration

May 28th

Digital media is the way people find you these days, right? Even so, nothing compares with face-to-face connections, one of the primary benefits of trade shows. Trade shows bring people right to your “door,” via pre-trade show promotion and attractive booth displays.

Once those visitors arrive, however, it’s your job to facilitate and engage with visitors. While in-person interaction is certainly good for qualified lead generation, there are additional benefits to face time: collaboration and innovation.

Collaboration and Innovation: The Hidden Benefits of Trade Shows

In 2013, the IMEX group partnered up with the Meetology Group to investigate whether virtual meetings were as effective as in-person meetings. The question was a sound one considering the mobile workforce has drastically reduced the amount of time professionals spend working in physical proximity to colleagues and clients.

According to Dr. Paul Redford, lead consultant psychologist for the study, “A face-to-face meeting between two people who do not know each other resulted in more creative ideas than the other two methods,” the other two methods being phone and video chats. The study also concluded that, “working together face-to-face generates more ideas, plus a marginally higher quality and a greater variety of ideas, compared to undertaking the same task either on the phone or via video link.”

How can these statistics boost the success of your trade show participation?

Schedule meetings with complementary trade show exhibitors. In the world of SEO, internal links are a powerful force for generating website traffic. Similarly, the more you collaborate with complementary vendors, product manufacturers, and service providers, the larger pool of qualified leads you’ll be able to draw from. Start brainstorming with other trade show exhibitors on how your companies can work together – both at the show and afterwards.

Do market research. What services or products do your current clients wish you offered? Which ones would make uninterested parties more interested in your services? Meeting face-to-face with both customers, as well as those who say, “I’m not interested…” can generate critical insight and innovative ideas to grow your business.

Brainstorm with competitors. Yes! Think of the collective pools of expertise and insight you and your competitors share. Conduct a White Flag meeting where guards can be let down and solutions to industry challenges, hurdles and road blocks can be openly aired, discussed and shared.

Trade shows are the ideal arena for in-person interactions to take place.

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