Eventr.io’s Cloud Based Information Best for Exhibitors & Vendors on the Trade Show Circuit

July 3th

After decades in the trade show and exhibiting business, the Eventr.io team has taken cumbersome, old-school event planning models and transformed them into a simple, trade show cloud management marketplace.

Our innovative, cloud-based platform allows you to handle every aspect of trade show planning, organizing, shopping, invoicing, and data collection. It simplifies the handling show order forms and deadlines in the exhibitor service manuals, to tracking spending, receiving, and other relevant metrics, without the wasteful shuffling of paperwork or digging through old files.

eventr.io's cloud technology

Our cloud based technology makes it easier for you. Source: Shutterstock

Event.rio’s Trade Show Cloud Management: Trade Show Planning Made Simple

Six simple features, all of which are accessible via a gadget and the cloud, have revolutionized the way trade shows are executed.

Consolidated service manuals. Throw out all those service manuals and binders because now, every product and service available for rent or purchase, from a myriad of vendors, is available from a single location. You can place your orders through multiple vendors using one portal. Simple.

Show branded marketplace. If you’re an event organizer, you’ll appreciate the ability to keep preferred vendor information underneath one association umbrella, including show commerce analytics.

Analytics and instant reconciling. Need a figures-based answer quick? Want to know your company’s total spending with a single vendor? Would you like to trace receiving across events? How about a faster way to estimate a show’s ROI? Our analytics and instant reconciling tools allows exhibitors to look like heroes.

Real-time ordering and invoicing. Off online ordering systems are inefficient. With Eventr.io, you can specify, order, schedule, and pay multiple vendors in one marketplace. Say goodbye to paperwork.

RFP management. You will be able to search for shows in your area or by industry, shop and compare prices from registered vendors, and avoid over-complicating the process. Trade show ROI projections have never been easier.

Mobile and tablet apps. Best of all, each of these features has gone mobile, which means you can find shows, build shows, plan a show, and pay for your show from anywhere you have a smartphone or mobile gadget. Why stand in line at the show site, waiting to fill out paperwork, when you can do it all from the convenience of your cab or hotel room?

These features mean you have more time to perfect your display and enjoy face-time with prospects and clients. Contact us to learn how Eventr.io’s trade show cloud management can streamline your trade show process

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