Edgy Trade Show Trends Emerging in 2015

May 29th

There’s really only one way to guarantee your trade show display or presentation attains the “Wow!” factor management hopes for; you gotta keep pushing the edge. Attendees tire quickly of the same gimmicks used from season to season. Instead, it’s your team’s job to push the boundaries and think “outside the booth” to stay just ahead of trade show trends.

Top Five 2015 Trade Show Trends; Use Them & Live on the Edge

Keep your display, demonstrations, and presentations ahead of the 2015 trade show trends, and you’ll shine brighter than your competitors. Feeling a little edgy? Here are the trends you’ll want to keep in front of.

  1. Opt for a more minimal display area. Let your booth and display take its lead from interior design trends, where less-is-more is the name of the game. People abhor clutter and as flashy and eye-catching as your current display may be, you may find a leaner and more minimal approach is just what you need to create an open,relaxed and enticing area where customers can ditch the chaos and really absorb the message you’re trying to convey.
  2. Next-generation market research. Analytics are a powerful force; data doesn’t lie. Take advantage of the services offered by companies, like sprinklr.com, and start analyzing social media metrics to figure out which attendees are your greatest lead prospects, then market directly to them accordingly.
  3. Move beyond the floor. This one takes the idea of pushing the boundaries more literally. Host off-site events, meetings, VIP presentations etc., to keep your most golden prospects engaged outside traditional trade show venues where they’re more able to focus on what you have to say or present.
  4. Ditch paper. Where do you throw 99% of the brochures and logo-laden paper you get handed at trade shows? What makes you think your company’s booth visitors are any different? Eliminate costly paper waste by making your displays digital and using screen-based communication (leverage social media!!) to get your message into the palms of prospective leads’ hands.
  5. Use innovative trade show-specific software. Trade shows have been planned, organized and executed more or less the same way for centuries. Move into the 21st century using innovative, efficient and cost-effective trade show software and a market place that puts everything you need into single applications, accessible from mobile devices.

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