Designing a Tabletop Exhibit that can Trump a Big Presentation

August 7th

Effective tabletop exhibits are hard proof that size doesn’t matter. We have seen 10×10 tabletop displays and booth exhibits that far more lasting impressions than the loud and boisterous presentations or demonstrations at neighboring booths. Plus, smaller displays can continue to work for you throughout the year at smaller venues, fairs and events where a larger exhibit won’t work at all.

Amnarj Tanongrattana /

Amnarj Tanongrattana /

Design A Winning Tabletop Exhibit That Speaks to Your Target Audience

If your tabletop exhibit is attractive, sends a clear message and that message speaks to your target audience, it can trump a bigger presentation any day. Here’s how to make that happen.

Think Small but Mighty. Are you confusing a tabletop presentation with a fold out table, a tablecloth and some fanned out brochures. Tsk tsk. You’ll be amazed at how customized your small but mighty exhibit can be. When you work with the right vendor, a tabletop exhibit will include stand-out features like embedded flatscreen monitors, customized shelving or 3-D display cases and more. Use a tradeshow planning app, like our RFP management app, to start comparing vendors who specialize in dynamite smaller exhibits and displays so you can get started on a winning design.

Know Your Options. Depending on your projected uses (local and regional shows, fairs, trade shows etc.) you’ll select a design best for your budget and ability to transport and set-up the display. Common examples include:

  • Pop-Ups. Just like graphics in a book, these customized pop-ups can be designed in infinite shape combinations, can be easily popped up and contracted and can use graphics and logos to provide visual punch.
  • Panels. Panel systems include two or three panels that are connected and can be folded back together to form a slab that is easily carried from the van to the lobby or venue.
  • Briefcases. These are a specialized version of a panel system that literally fold up and into a travel case you can carry-on to planes, trains and automobiles.
  • Banner  stands. Easy to display alongside your table, banner stands are best when double-sided, and displayed with graphics or information that round out your message.

Read this Q&A from for more details on your design options.

Use an awesome staff. Your booth staff is integral to the company brand and message, so the combination of a killer tabletop design and a personable, knowledgeable and fun staff pack a powerful punch.

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