Cutting Costs: Tips for Controlling Cost & Understanding Charges

June 24th

Gaining leads and increasing sales is certainly the goal of almost any trade show vendor. However, cutting trade show costs is another way to increase the return on your trade show investment.

There are plenty of ways to control costs associated with your company’s attendance. Some of them are rather complex, like getting a handle on vendor and freight carrier snafus. Others are simpler, like learning how to choose the best booth location or building your display up instead of out.

The Road to Cutting Trade Show Costs Doesn’t Have to Be Rocky

cutting costs

Cutting costs doesn’t have to be difficult. Source: Shutterstock

Whichever way you go about it, understanding trade show costs is an important first step. From there, seasoned trade show hosts and booth vendors learn how to trim the fat. Here are 4 quick ways to eliminate unnecessary costs from your next trade show so planning, installation, and the post-show clean up run smoothly.

  1. Understand the sheer volume of costs involved. If you have OCD, you’ll be great at cutting trade show costs since you’ll have no problem reviewing the myriad of line items required. Otherwise, review previous trade show costs sheets and familiarize yourself. Tip: Check out’s features which make invoicing, cost sheets, analytics, and reporting easy to track and pull up from your favorite gadget.
  2. Eliminate the right line items to slash. Once you’re more familiar with all of the costs involved, get better at spreading line item cuts out across the board. Don’t hack away at line items on your very first estimate sheets. Rather, recommends reviewing all of your costs holistically, being careful to preserve the elements that make your trade show presence most effective.
  3. Cut those drayage costs. It can be a shocker for trade show newbies when drayage costs, often tacked on at the end of the show, are higher than freight costs. Trade show consultant Tammy Adams recommends buying a package deal from show organizers among other suggestions to reduce drayage expenses.
  4. Use professional contractors. Labor expenses to set up and breakdown your booth add up quick. Finding a contractor you like, and who is creative in terms of reusing and re-purposing, can save you plenty. Repeat shows mean the contractor/team is familiar with your setup and will work more quickly, saving on expensive labor costs. Click Here to learn how to hire a professional contractor.

Don’t let unnecessary costs keep you from a winning trade show attendance. Contact and learn how our innovative software and features make it easy to track and eliminate superfluous expenditures.

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