Correct Staffing & Demos Take Booths from Blah to Extraordinaire

April 20th

Well-designed and creative booth displays are the first part of directing trade show traffic your way. Once the crowds have arrived, however, it’s the work of your exhibit staff and demonstrations that take your booths from blah to extraordinary in the minds of the attendees.

Make a Lasting Impression via Smart Trade Show Staffing & Captivating Demonstrations

Customer engagement and trade show staffing are integrally linked. Without a personable, knowledgeable, and people-oriented booth staff, your prospective clients will quickly move elsewhere to get the information or products they need.

The key is to staff your booth well and then train the staff to deliver demonstrations that are memorable, engaging, and keep attendees coming back for more. Here are tips for accomplishing both feats.

  1. Staff should pass the speed dating test. We once heard trade show staffing likened to speed dating. Your staff only has about one minute to impress guests and make them stick around. For that reason, staff must be presentable, personable, warm, and intelligent. Between their own mojo and your script, they should provide an informative introduction about your company and its benefits, uncover the needs/wants of the prospective, and provide the information visitors need – as quickly as possible. This requires the best, brightest, and most passionate of your employees, regardless of which department they come from.
  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare. It’s easy to memorize a script and deliver appropriate information, but what happens when questions stump the staff, when an attendee is rude or demanding, or questions are asked about your company versus the competition? Prepare each day by going over the questions that staffers were stumped with the day before so everyone becomes increasingly well-versed as the trade show progresses. Train attendees on techniques for dealing with difficult or rude visitors and hammer home the mantra that they should never speak negatively about competitors.
  3. Make your demos memorable. Do something different to create knowledge-rich and memorable demonstrations. Make your demos larger than life using upscaled versions/models of smaller products. Create games that educate and entertain. Get your attendees involved. Is there any way they can become a part of the demonstration? If so, use it and your booth attendance will go up. Taser International found willing victims to taser, Schick found volunteers who sat down for a professional shave. What can your company think of next?

Don’t neglect the link between customer engagement and trade show staffing.

Eventrio can provide you with the technological tools and tricks for extraordinary trade show planning. Contact our team to learn more.

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