Avoid Shipping Snafus with Vendors & Freight Carriers

March 24th

Your company’s ability to participate in upcoming trade shows will be considerably limited if shipping snafus and screw-ups from various vendors and/or freight carriers prevent goods from making it on time or, equally disastrous, result in pallets of dented and abused boxes full of damaged product.

Get Your Ship Together! Logistical Tips for Vendors and Trade Shows

The following logistical tips for vendors and trade shows can help you avoid snafus altogether, or  – at the very least – will enable you to recover from the unanticipated calamities that occur when trade show shipments go lost, damaged, or stolen.

Be prepared. The scout’s motto is imperative when it comes to dealing with missing or misplaced freight. You must be prepared for the worst. Do your homework well ahead of time to select the right carrier for your needs (more on that next) and have copies of everything. Your trade show manager should be equipped with:

  • Copies of your outbound bill of lading (also called the Material Handling form)
  • Shipping orders and order confirmation
  • Air bills with appropriate piece-counts
  • Exact shipping address (make sure they are the same on every label)
  • The freight carrier’s 24/7 customer service number
  • Your insurance company’s 24/7 customer service number

Having these items on hand will ensure you have all the information the various entities need to find your shipment(s) and make things right. Eventrio offers streamlined applications that keep all this information in the palm of your hand.

Invest in the right carrier. There are plenty of ways to cut costs and still have a stunning trade show display, but shipping isn’t one of them. Invest carriers who have serious trade show shipping experience. Career trade show manager, Cathy Adams, recommends working only with carriers who derive at least 50% of their business via trade show shipments. This ensures staff and customer service representatives are adept and know what to do should things go awry.

Remove old labels. This sounds simple but it’s an easy and common mistake that can send exhibit properties to the wrong destination. Remove old labels and add two new ones for extra measure.

Pay attention to deadlines. Failure to meet the deadlines for advance warehouse arrivals or direct-to-site shipment locations can be costly. Penalty fees, time loss, after-hours labor charges, etc., are all possibilities that increase your projected 10% to 13%  of the overall trade show budget by a significant margin.

Traditionally, each of these logistical tips for vendors and trade shows have been handled separately, making ordering, shipment, and delivery a cumbersome process for trade show planners and managers. Eventrio offers innovative solutions for a more streamlined and transparent trade show experience. Contact us to learn more.

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