5 Tips for Effective Trade Show Planning

June 2th

Planning for a trade show is as much about pre-planning logistics as it is about the meticulous orders, shipping, invoice tracking, and setup required for a successful event. Whether you’re an established association, exhibitor, or vendor, innovative digital platforms, like Eventrio’s, will keep the bulk of the planning process in one place, so you don’t have to waste time hunting for, shuffling through, or digging out old files.

In the meantime, here are 5 tips to ensure the time and energy you spend planning for a trade show results in fireworks rather than anticlimactic fizzles.

  1. Choose the right venue for you. Not all trade shows are created equal and participating in the wrong location will result in unmet goals, a lack of booth visitors, and a cringe-worthy ROI. Who wants that? Savvy trade show planners know that location matters – so does your homework regarding the destination, venue, other exhibitors, historical attendee demographics, and so on, to make sure the location is the right fit for your brand and trade show goals. Simple tip: get in touch with current customers and find out which trade shows they attend. Odds are your next best leads will be found there, too.
  2. Set clear objectives. Have you asked yourself what your objectives are? This is especially apropos for trade show Newbies. Surprise! While obtaining contacts and leads are important, other objectives may serve you better in the long run. These may include things like researching competitors, finding better or more affordable suppliers, or generating buzz about a new product or service.
  3. Create a winning exhibit. Fancier isn’t always better, yet simple can be boring. Review the aforementioned objectives, and then create a captivating, engaging, and winning booth accordingly.
  4. Promote your presence. Get the word out about your company’s presence early and often. Send out personalized invites, sponsor VIP events, and set-up appointments for one-on-one facetime with lukewarm or highly sought-after prospects; the more you connect beforehand, the more likely you are to be visited during the event.
  5. Plan the after party. The trade show doesn’t end when the last booth component makes its way into the truck. Your post-trade show engagement is integral to building upon the qualified leads garnered during the show. Follow up with trade show leads ASAP, and always deliver on any promises you made at the booth or after-hours events!

Ready to expand your trade show planning finesse? Contact Eventrio.

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