4 Steps to Get the Right Space & Location for Your Booth

April 7th

Trade shows are no different than Downtown USA. Set up like temporary cities, booth and space selection have a tremendous impact on your company’s exposure, sales, and leads.

The Ins and Outs of Smart Booth and Space Selection

What makes one space more desirable than others is not always a direct-line-of sight issue. In fact, if you plan on having a smaller display, choosing a “best” location may do more harm than good if it places you in close proximity to more showy booths that overshadow your understated real estate.

Thus, trade show booth and space selection requires a more holistic approach – balancing your program’s plan with the lay of the land.

What size space do you need?

Before you look at the trade show floor plans, take your own plans into consideration. How much space do you need for your product displays and demonstration? Do you need a linear display or would a 20 x 20 island work better? Don’t forget the space above you. Many trade show participants forget that it typically costs less to build upward, rather than investing in extra, costly square footage on the floor. Once you’ve ironed out the specifics of what you need in terms of space, you’ll have a better idea of which floor space is best suited to your needs.

Do you understand the psychology of space selection?

In truth, there isn’t “one right place”. Some exhibitors love to be front and center, others feel that location leads to products that are quickly glanced at and then forgotten as attendees move on through the ranks. Some swear by the rule of the “invisible triangle,” with its apex at the entrance, stretching back to the far left/right corners of the room. However, you may find that being at the outer reaches of these traditional hot spots provides a slightly quieter space with which to develop deeper connections with qualifying leads. The point is that you should play around with placement options and then analyze data over time to determine the locations that work best for your team.

Stay away from obstacles!

One thing you will want to pay attention to are areas that become obstacles, such as fire hose cabinets, registration booths, huge displays, power/cabling sources, restrooms, stairways or elevator lobbies, etc. If architectural structures or human traffic jams block your display, all your hard work can be for naught.

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