Tips for Generating Social Buzz at Trade Shows

May 14th

Trade shows are a big investment – all geared toward creating a buzz about your company, products, and services – so you can enjoy a nice ROI when you pack up and return home. But, we wonder – are you doing all you can to optimize that buzz using social media channels?

Turn Up the Social Media Buzz for Trade Shows

Imagine making potential customers and clients feel like they’re participating in a trade show they weren’t able to attend. Imagine the impact of engaging with people who are elsewhere on the trade show floor via Twitter feeds or prize giveaways from your Facebook page. Stretching your outreach via social media channels is a stellar way to turn up the social media buzz about your trade show appearance.

Here are tips on how to do it:

Display Your Twitter Feed. Get your Twitter Feed up and center on video displays, banners, or whatever is visible. Start conversations with booths around you, the attendees who have stopped by yours, and about the conversation you just had with President X from Company Y. People love to feel a part of the action, and getting in on the conversation – or, better yet, inspiring it – will create energy around your company’s brand long after visitors leave your booth.

The Allure of the Facebook Prize. Run contests or giveaways from your Facebook Page, rather than your booth. This increases the amount of time booth staff can dedicate towards other exciting buzz generators and gets people interacting and engaging with your company on Facebook in order to get their prize or reward. Again, this inspires engagement before, during, and after attendees’ booth visits, and it can also generate social media buzz for your trade show presence from customers who aren’t able to attend the event.

Use Live Video Feed. We’ve talked before about the importance of personal trade show invitations and VIP treatment when forming relationships with prospective clients. Take this a step further and extend invitations to those who aren’t able to attend the show. You can do this by sending invites to your “Virtual Trade Show” that wanna-be-attendees can attend via a live video feed on your website. Include Q&A sessions and set up “meetings” with prospective off-site clients, so they can “visit” your booth using Google Hangouts or Skype.

Eventrio offers innovative services and software that make planning an executing buzz-worthy trade show booths easier than ever. Contact us today to see how we can help you further advance your trade show experience.

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