Top Selling Techniques That Win & Get Leads

March 16th

You aren’t at the trade show to have fun and network regardless of what social media marketers want you to think. You are there to solidify your brand presence and win the leads and sales that keep your company successful.

4 Trade Show Selling Techniques For Record-Breaking Leads and Sales

Your boss wants to see an significant ROI before spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on the next big trade show. Therefore, it’s up to you to create opportunities that will drive qualified leads your way and to break previously held sales records. These are the concrete proofs that your trade show presence is worth all the time, energy and money spent to take you there.

Improve your trade show selling skills with these 4 techniques.

  1. Face/Name recognition. People like to be recognized and remembered. This seems like a basic technique – and it is – but it’s one that can go missing at trade show events where you encounter person after person. Look at name badges, refer to booth visitors by name, and take careful notes if you have to (have one of your booth employees take pictures of stronger prospects and note their names, so you can study them later). Remembering them the following day or at the next industry event will make a significant impression.
  2. Tell problem/solution-oriented stories. Much of the verbiage companies use to describe themselves make them sound just like everybody else. Instead, tell contrasting, cause-effect, and problem-solution oriented stories that set your company apart. Poster representations with good visuals will help. These types of stories and descriptions of what you do are more captivating.
  3. Direct them to other vendors and service providers. This is a tip that is so underutilized, even though it was exemplified in one of America’s most classic holiday movies, Miracle on 34th Street. Remember when Santa directed mothers to other stores to find the toys they were looking for? Prospects will remember that you directed them elsewhere when your products/services didn’t meet their needs.
  4. Use props. PowerPoint and gadget-oriented presentations are great, but they have left props by the wayside. Props offer a more concrete and 3-D way to tell your story, and they are often more tangible and memorable to those who are less screen- and tech-savvy.

Looking for more ways to revolutionize your trade show selling techniques and the trade show experience at large? Contact Eventrio.

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