Handing Leads Off to Sales: Marketing & Sales Aligment for Businesses

July 7th

What is your company’s process for handing leads off to sales? If you are a smaller to mid-size company, odds are your sales and marketing teams do much of this work “by hand” in an effort to keep costs down. In fact, that old-school method is a recipe for declining sales and aging leads that are no longer nurtured in a way that converts to hard sales.

Use Marketing & Sales Alignment to Manage Sales and Aging Leads

sales and aging leads

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In many cases, marketing and sales teams hardly interact with one another or, worse, have a contentious relationship. This disconnect makes it easy for qualified leads – especially aging leads – to slip through the cracks. Don’t let potential sales and aging leads hinder your company’s ability to grow when modern technology is on your side.

Marketing and sales alignment strategies are designed to support marketing and sales teams, highlighting when it’s the right time to move forward on a potential sale, alerting you when leads are aging without much contact or follow-thru from your sales team and more. In short, sales and marketing alignment facilitates communication so both sides are able to work as a united team.

Some of the steps involved in marketing and sales alignment include:

Aligning prospect profiles. Are your marketing and sales team working for the same buyer types? You’d be amazed at how different prospect profiles or buyer personas can be between these two departments. Once both sides have compared and aligned ideal – and non-ideal – prospects, they will have a more unified vision regarding which traits define a long-term or exceptionally profitable relationship. SiriusDecisions states, “B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster three- year revenue growth, and 27% faster three-year profit growth.”

Fine-tuning content creation and distribution. Getting key players from each side together to review existing content can unearth a myriad of discrepancies in marketing messages and/or information distributed by either side. Weed out the old stuff and get on the same page about how future content is created and distributed, including social media postings.

Agreeing on definitions and metrics. The more aligned marketing and sales teams are on what defines a qualified lead, the multiple stages required to qualify leads or metrics provided by CRM software, the smoother the lead-to-conversion process will be for all parties involved.

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