Find & Acquire International Business & RFPs for Your Next Show

March 13th

While U.S. companies may have used trade shows as an excuse for a paid “working” vacation in the past, attending international trade shows is now a requirement. The global business market has expanded considerably and international trade shows provide the opportunity to cultivate brand recognition and keep ahead of the competition. That being said, finding international suppliers and businesses to facilitate your trade show presence isn’t always easy.

Expert Tips for Finding International Suppliers and Business Assistance for Global Trade Shows

According to Exhibitor Online, “…finding the best international exhibit partners is akin to panning for gold.” Forget panning for fool’s gold; the right techniques will allow you to pan for gold nuggets that will make international trade show exhibits a cinch from here on out.

  1. Check in with your local vendor base. The biggest challenges in working with international vendors are language barriers, inconvenient time differences, and the complications that can arise with foreign currency. These challenges will become non-issues if it turns out that one or more of your domestic vendors has international partners. You will be able to do business in your own language and time zone, and can have faith that the brand understanding cultivated between your vendor and your company will not be lost in translation.
  2. Ask for referrals. Turns out none of your local vendors have partnerships at the next international location? Ask if they’ve attended a trade show in the city/location of interest and/or if they can provide you with referrals. While this is not the same thing as a bona-fide partnership, personal referrals and connections can lead to very satisfying and successful relationships between you and overseas vendors, and may provide partnerships or insider referrals for future international trade shows.
  3. Use the show’s official vendors and providers. You may be so used to your own trade show exhibit routine, using vendors and businesses with whom you’ve established years-long relationships, that you haven’t even paid attention to the finer print advertising a show’s “preferred vendors.” If this is your first international trade show and your local vendors don’t have any partners or referrals, the show’s official vendor hosts is the next best option. While you may have to work a little harder to convey your brand’s personality, energy, and goal to them, they will be experts in the venue, location, and culture, which is a significant part of the equation.

Interested in finding local vendors and trade show businesses for your next international trade show? Contact Eventrio and learn more about the technology and apps that can simplify your trade show planning experience.

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