Before, During, & After: Trade Show Techniques for Amping Your ROI & Image

July 15th

Boosting trade show ROI requires a macroscopic approach, using effective planning, action, and follow-up procedures before, during, and after the show. When you streamline your process from the minute you begin brainstorming buzz-worthy trade show demonstrations to how your marketing team nurtures post-show leads – you’ll notice a marked improvement in your ROI as well as your brand’s image.

Boosting Trade Show ROI Before, During & After

boosting trade show ROI

You’ll definitely want to try these tips for boosting trade show ROI. Source: Shutterstock

Your ability to make a profitable impact begins long before your booth setup begins. From pre-show audits that tell you where you can cut costs to the types of displays, demos, and giveaways you provide at the show, the following tips will make your next trade show experience the best one yet.

Don’t get blasé about pre-show planning. If you’re an “old hat” at trade shows, you may be skimping on pre-show planning efforts that can cut costs and increase your trade show ROI. Put time and effort into pre-show planning to make sure your booth’s display, demos, and freebies align with your goals so they are as cost effective as possible. For example, last year’s show may have been focused on increasing qualified leads while this year’s may be geared towards the latest product launch. Pre-show audits of previous events will highlight where you can cuts costs in one department in order to invest in another.

Tie up your booth’s loose ends. We’ve seen fabulous booth displays with crummy staff; we’ve experienced professional and knowledgeable staff manning utterly forgettable or untidy booths. Both cases leave something to be desired. Tie up your booth’s loose ends by creating a design that looks great, training a staff that does your company’s products and services justice, and offer giveaways visitors can really use and appreciate so your brand’s impact is longer lasting.

Practice immediate, post-show lead contact strategies. Let your crew know the show ain’t over until every lead has been contacted. Following up quickly with leads, thanking them for their attendance, and scheduling consults and Skype meetings ASAP is often the difference between gaining or losing a customer.

Once you’ve returned and leads have been properly nurtured, you’re ready to execute valuable post-show analysis so you can prepare reports for the management team and begin tweaking your process for the next event on the calendar. is a one-stop-platform for pre- and post trade show planning, real-time ordering, invoicing, analytics, reporting, and more.

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