ERP’s Needed for Niche, Unique Businesses

June 26th

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides companies with a simplified and efficient way to manage their business and automate many of the regular back office functions typical of IT, public relations, and human resources departments – except when it makes things worse.

The problem is that many of the ERPs out there are too generic to meet the needs of unique companies, and the IT work required to customize them is incredibly cost-prohibitive.

What The World Needs Now: Unique ERPs and Ordering Data Systems

erp's and business

Find out from others if the ERP does what it says it will on the site. Source: Shutterstock

So, if you’re a unique company or your company has a complex roster of processes and specialized verticals, you need an ERP that will work and complement with your system(s)- and that’s not an easy task.

Here are some of the things you should look for when searching for Unique ERPs and ordering data.

Current customer list. Never have referrals and references been more important. One of the best indicators of whether or not a particular ERP will meet your needs is to see whose needs it currently serves. Do take the time to review the list and make personal calls or emails to find out whether or not the software’s parameters and abilities are as shiny and happy as the provider’s website indicates.

It lives in the cloud. If you are just starting out, narrow your search to ERP applications that are built for the cloud. If you are changing ERPs, branch out and rule out any on-premise ERPs that require months of work and a pretty penny in order to customize the software to your needs. ERPs available in cloud-based formats typically have simpler customization processes.

Who’s it partnered with. The more friends you have, the more resources there are at your fingertips; the same goes for your ERP software provider. If they are partnering up wisely, you’ll have access to more workflow tools, add-on applications, and widgets that make customization easier and more flexible.

Consultant Tim Blair White remarks that if your ERP system doesn’t offer quick and easy customization, it will be the, “oxen yoke around the company’s neck; ever restricting business expansion and its ability to quickly respond to market demands.” is a unique ERP systems provider, specializing in the trade show marketplace. Our Application Programmer Interface (API) and order data can be integrated in to populate existing ERP systems as well those in the cloud. Contact to learn more.

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