Create Winning Vendor Booths Inexpensively

February 16th

Designing trade show booths can be a waste of time and energy if you’re not aware of what you own, what you rent, and what you design. Vendors often make the mistake of procuring a ton of permanent display “stuff,” with the misinformed idea that it’s the only way to customize a booth and attractively present a brand image. Not so.

Think Outside the Booth

Winning vendor booths can be designed inexpensively, simply, and efficiently when you start to break out of the “we do it all” tradition, and begin to leverage the newest innovations available to trade show vendors.

Think cheaper. The technology available to equipment rental companies has grown by leaps and bounds. The services they provide in terms of audio, video, and lighting equipment is unmatched. Say goodbye to producing expensive logo laden signs and banners that cost you storage and transportation fees, and start working with equipment rental companies that specialize in trade show booths.

Consider this Talconex booth at the 2012 American Academy of Dermatology Conference. It appears custom, but the majority of the components were actually rented, including the sweeping display suspended above the booth, which was visible from across the exhibit hall and helped Talconex achieve their goal of record visits due to visibility.

Think Simply. In his article, Is it Rental or Custom? Design Tips for Rental Exhibits, Dan Cieciwa states, “Don’t just look down at the floor plan, look up!” That’s a “think outside the booth” statement. So often, vendors design booths based on floor plans and ground-to-booth-top-space, discounting the loads of unused vertical square footage above. While everyone else is using floor space, creating distracting mayhem at eye level, your company can create a simple, streamlined visual attraction that draws the eye to your booth, easily outshining your competitors.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Another simple concept: never underestimate the power of lights. The human eye is captivated by light and movement. There will be plenty of human-generated movement at eye level all around you. The right, tasteful illuminated display (think up!) will be attractive from virtually anywhere in the house.

Think Efficiently. Part of the “cost” of attending a trade show is the time you put into making it happen. You will shrink this cost considerably by taking advantage of’s innovative trade show planning technology that consolidates ordering, invoicing, billing, and payment – all from a range of vendors – using mobile and tablet apps.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Designing trade show booths that exceed your expectations has never been this easy. Get in touch with Eventrio, and find out how we do it.

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