Does Your Business’ Target Audience Align with Trade Show Demographics?

April 15th

Are you sure you want to attend that next trade show? A successful trade show display requires months of hard work and a significant investment. The last thing you need is to set up your booth and display and spend a bunch of money on sponsorships or event hosting, only to watch the flocks of attendees pass right by because you don’t have a product or service they need. Sometimes, a particular trade show doesn’t align with your business’s target market enough to justify the investment.

Learn Your Trade Show Demographics and Target Market Before Signing Up

Here are some tips on how to determine whether the next trade show demographics and target market are aligned with your criteria. If not, take a pass, save some money, and enjoy the extra time to make things fabulous for trade shows that “fit.”

  1. Ask Yourself “Who?” Ask yourself Whose attention you hope to captivate at the show? A trade show shouldn’t be the place to develop a new niche market unless you’re a trade show guru. The investment risk is too high. Get a list of other vendors and sponsors, and spend a little time conversing with the trade show’s planners to see who typically attends the events. The few minutes you spend analyzing this information might throw up a red flag right away.
  2. When and How Long is the event? If the trade show takes place during the work week, and the bulk of your customers are blue collar workers and business owners, odds are it won’t have the ROI compared with one that takes place Friday through Sunday. Consider the length of time the trade show will be taking place, as well as which calendar days it occupies, to determine whether or not those who best represent your sales demographics are likely to be present.
  3. Spend time with your marketing and sales teams. Spend a little time with your marketing and sales team to figure out who your are the A, B and C leads. How many of them have found you via trade shows and/or similar off-site events? If you notice that very few of your A and B leads have ever found you at the same type of event where you plan to host a booth, re-think that decision. It’s not worth it.

Decided not to attend after all? Use that extra time and get in touch with Eventrio. We have trade show planning solutions to save you time and money, while increasing your trade show ROIs.

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