Our Vision

One day, tradeshows will be easy. Every extra minute spent handling show order forms and deadlines in the exhibitor service manuals is another minute taken from strategic planning and getting the most ROO/ROI from your tradeshow experience. Every show where analytics are scattered, and the wheel must be recreated for every event, pulls the ecosystem away from operating as a single entity that’s fully focused on the experience of the event. It’s time to work together in one place to get the most out of tradeshows.

Show Organizers will be able to source their vendors and build their show from one spot. Sponsorships, meeting rooms, and booth packages will be sold right in line with furniture and lead retrieval systems. You will be able to provide the life blood of your event an easy way to pay their bills, and track engagement to better understand their methods while supporting your own sales team. You will be able to offer real life buyer’s guides and turn their corporate event into a corporate marketplace. Real value of their tradeshows will be determined, not through speculation, but through real tangible metrics relating to spend, and economic impact. The organizers brand, whether association or corporate entity, will be brought back to the center point of their event, by providing one branded experience that integrates with all event technology, one day creating a single dashboard with everything from housing and registration data, do exhibitor ordering habits and interactions on the show floor. You can protect your brand, by centralizing the experience.

Exhibitors will easily pay for their products and services without the headache of disparate online ordering systems, PDF order forms, and the necessity to start from scratch for every event. You will be able to focus on selling instead of capturing leads just to have them fall through the cracks. You will know what they spent the day they leave the show, if not before, and approve your open charges without having them show up as a surprise 90 days later. And one day, you’ll be able to search for cheaper alternatives for their products and services.

Vendors will be able to compete for contracts regardless of their size or previous influence. Your new, innovative products will become options to exhibitors to enhance their booth and exhibiting experience. You’ll be paid instantly, update estimates, track margins and integrate with other internal systems. Once you’re selected for a show, build a catalog, publish it, and you’re ready to go. Easy as that. The industry will increase by incorporating vendors who’ve never considered themselves a “tradeshow company.” Vendors of all sizes will now be able to facilitate e-commerce portals that are plugged into a large industry network, even outside of events.


All of this is possible for the tradeshow industry, but it doesn’t stop there. Our B2B marketplace platform allows any industry to quickly procure suppliers to single buyers in an easy to use, Amazon.com-like marketplace. Technology is simplifying the way business gets done, and we hope you will join the efficiency movement. Tradeshows are the best form of marketing, but the industry needs to adapt if we want it to remain relevant.


The Team

Trio Companies and eventr.io was created by event professionals from the exhibitor, association, and vendor angles of the industry. A young team of successful entrepreneurs who are ready to simplify an industry that’s been begging for change for a long, long time.


Meet The Eventrio Team




Mr. Miller is dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions and outstanding customer service. Prior to joining Eventrio, Mr. Miller was the EVP of 20twenty and President of Avectra - both software companies in the non-profit space.




Peter MacGillivray heads the Events, Communications and International departments for the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA).



Ed is Vice President at the Corum Group Ltd., the global leader in M&A services, specializing in software and information technology companies worldwide.



Sterling Raphael is a business technology entrepreneur, professional speaker and investor who consults with venture capitalists and helps new products to market through Next Step Labs, his start up incubator with Maddie Grant. In 2004 Sterling founded NFi Studios, acquired by Avectra in 2010. NFi was known as an innovator in web technology for non profits and events around the world. Sterling was President at Avectra through 2012 before starting HERSTAR, a fashion line focused on sport brands. Currently, Sterling is President and COO of Eventr.io, an e-commerce platform for the tradeshow industry with the ambitious mission of simplifying the ordering process for exhibitors by creating a ubiquitous shopping platform which provides invaluable metrics to Association, Exhibitor and Vendor stakeholders.



Executive Director at Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA)

Jim Wurm



Rob Fines is a skilled developer who has worked on multiple startups. His primary language is javascript, and he's adept at both front end development using backbone.js and handlebars.js and server side development using Nodejs.



A highly respected association industry expert in social business and digital strategy, and a well-known speaker and author. Based in Washington, DC.

Maddie Grant

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