Trade Show Sales: Convincing Customers to Buy or Work with Your Business

July 20th

Please! We beg you, give us your contact information. We need to show our management team this trade show investment was worth it. Your pertinent details will help to convince them. Oh! And will you buy some stuff, too, while you’re at it?”

Obviously the above pleas won’t work on any clients worth their salt, but swimming upstream at a busy trade show can drive even the best booth staff member to desperate measures. If you left the last trade show feeling like you are returning home without a single qualified lead, it’s a sure sign your sales approach could use a little work.

5 Important Tips for Converting Customers to Sales

converting customers to sales

Trying our tips on converting customers to sales can benefit you. Source: Shutterstock

There are three major reasons why most companies attend trade shows: elevate brand recognition and trust, increase the Qualified Leads contact roster, and boost sales. Sounds simple; but we all know converting customers to sales is the stickler.

These 5 tips can help you break out of your rut and employ new strategies that will convince customers to work with your business.

  1. Focus on the positive. Sounds a bit elementary, but it’s easy to slip into the negatives, using stats such as “80% of companies don’t offer blah-blah-blah”. Instead, focus the positives/benefits of your products and services. Research shows consumers have a better response to positive messages than they do to negative ones.
  2. Target conservative buyers. Conservative consumers want to feel their investment is as painless as possible, so phrases like, “For a mere $10 you will gain…” rather than stating the dollar amount on it’s own will indicate money well spent.
  3. Personalize it. Research cited on shows the more personalized your approach is – invoking sales strategies that demonstrate you are like them, create a more personal sales experience, and make your customers feel like you “know” them – the more likely you are to increase sales.
  4. Take your time. Yes, it’s a fast-paced world; even so, surveys by the Gallop Group indicate that customers are nine-times more likely to remain in business relationships with companies who have “courteous, willing, and helpful” employees than those who simply offered speedy solutions.
  5. Make them special. Feeling like a VIP keeps people coming back but in order to do this, you have to create bona fide tiers. Pour over contact lists and give the top consuming/most frequent customers a recognizable “Gold” or preferred status.

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