The Visual Trade Show: Creating the Look with Color & Design

May 15th

Creating displays for trade booths comes down to two basic factors: color and design. Both need to be thoughtfully chosen and executed to yield the impact your company is aiming for. They need to simultaneously build on your brand reputation while also being eye-catching and compelling enough to entice trade show attendees to visit your booth.

Use These Tips for Creating Compelling Display for Trade Booths

The following tips will help you dig deep into the psychology and science behind what it takes to creating visual trade show displays prospective clients are looking for.

Move over Freud. There is a psychology of colors and what they mean or signify to others. We recommend reading How to Use the Psychology of Colors in Marketing for a more detailed explanation of this principle. Consider that Red creates a sense of urgency or passion and can actually raise people’s heart rates on sight. Blue provides people with a sense of security and, while it may quell appetite, it increases productivity. While orange and yellow are considered cheerful colors, they will also draw people in for clearance sales or special offers – just shades off from the more dramatic red. The more you understand about the psychology of colors, the better you can tailor trade booth colors to attract your target market.

Create a welcoming and memorable atmosphere. Ultimately, you want people to feel welcome in your booth space, and you want to be remembered. Without these two things intact, follow-up contacts will be much less successful. While your brand should have some sense of authority, your display needs to invite people in – and encourage them to stay a while. Make sure there is good flow in and around your booth since a crowded or cluttered atmosphere will be repellent. Also, remember that booth staff are a large part of creating your booth’s atmosphere so hire wisely.

Allow your art work to shine. Ben Camerola designs custom trade show displays. He reminds us that dull or poor resolution can make or break your booth’s visual impact. Sending the wrong types of photo or graphic files to your printer, not supplying your printer with a PMS number – all can result in trade show displays that are dull, mismatched, or contain color clashes.

Does it all feel a bit overwhelming? Check out Eventrio features that make ordering, tracking, and creating displays for trade booths a one-app experience.

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