The Do’s of Trade Shows for Newbies

May 6th

Planning and organizing a trade show display is not for the feint-of-heart, which can be overwhelming for newbies. Before you change your name and buy a one-way ticket far from your company’s headquarters, take a deep breath and check out these Do’s for trade show newbies. Engaging customers at trade shows – and improving your company’s ROI – isn’t as challenging as you may think.

5 Dos for Creating a Winning Display and Engaging Customers at Trade Shows

Here are five professional Dos to take your display from passable to irresistible, which will engage customers and manifest serious lead conversions.

  1. DO your venue/trade show homework. Not all trade shows are created equal. Is this a show that attracts large crowds or has a more narrow attendee pool? Have previous vendors done well there? Who will be attending this year? Keep in mind that smaller trade shows can be more lucrative than blow-out counterparts because you have a better chance of standing out from the display crowd. On the flip-side, smaller shows may attract attendees who aren’t in your target market, in which case they can be a waste of time.
  2. DO Serious Pre-Show Promoting. Why wait until the trade show to generate interest? You’re missing out on an opportunity to generate interest and customer engagement before the show ever begins. Work hard to market, promote, and celebrate your upcoming trade show presence, including scheduling meetings and Q&A sessions ahead of time.
  3. Build up, not out. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs, remember to build up and not out. Your taller display will stand out from those that are more traditionally-sized, and it will also save the expense of valuable floor space that may not be necessary to promote your brand.
  4. Use clever demonstrations. Demonstrations have multifold benefits; of course they educate visitors about your products and services, but they also get you up, animated, and engaging with people. Creative use of demonstration techniques can also generate visual interest in your booth and will leave a more lasting impression.
  5. Stay on your feet. Never sit down. It’s a wasted opportunity to make eye contact, converse, shake hands, and be personable with passersby. Booth staff should appear positive, lively, and welcoming 100% of the time.

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