Successful Habits of Great Trade Show Vendors

June 12th

ISuccessful Habits of Great Trade Show Vendorsf you’re a trade show junkie, you know about those Trade Show Stars. The minute their booth is up, touch screen monitors are engaged and fabulous booth staff exude their mojo; you know you’re witnessing trade show magic in action.


The Secrets of Successful Trade Show Vendors

Don’t let Trade Show Stars intimidate you. Make them your heroes. Learning from the stars is the best way to transform your blah or mediocre exhibit into the next Trade Show Star on the circuit.

  1. Believe that you make a difference. Are you convinced your products/services make a difference? If not, there’s no wonder you’re having a hard time generating genuine enthusiasm from booth visitors. When humans catch a whiff of doubt or insecurity, they turn their noses in the opposite direction. Once the show has started, forget about budget concerns and ROI for a minute; harness your passion for your company and its products, so you can make memorable impressions. You have the ability to change passersby emotional states, improve their impressions of your brand, to make them smile, and leave them with a positive resonance with your company.
  2. Get people’s attention. Proactively engage people’s attention. Your booth and exhibit are a large part. They set the tone before you or your booth staff can jump out, walk up, or shake a hand. Build up – and not out – so your stand captivates and lures people from across the room. Make your booth relevant, so it’s easier to convert their attention to interest when they reach you.
  3. Generate qualified leads.Take advantage of this live opportunity to engage future customers. If you believe in your products, and you’ve engaged passersby attention, you are more likely to pre-qualify your leads. Find out what they do, what their pain-points are, and see where they fit into your business plan and where you fit into theirs. Pre-qualifying leads in person will make the sales team’s job much easier when you return home.
  4. Entertain and inform. As professional magician Peter Wardell explains in his YouTube video, entertainment actually changes the neural pathways in the brain (specifically the limbic system), relaxing and opening up people’s reception to your message. If you find a way to entertain them, you will have a better chance of being able to inform them.
  5. Create Personalized Selling Opportunities. Once you’ve qualified those leads, schedule a more personal selling opportunity.

If you are hosting a main stage or VIP event, extend a personal invitation. Rather than giving them the proverbial, “we’ll give you a call next week…,” get out your smartphone and schedule a phone date or time to meet in person so the connection is real, tangible, and creates future momentum. Looking for innovative solutions that make successful trade show vendors the stars of the show? Contact Eventrio today.

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