Pinpoint & Attend the Right Trade Show to Boost Sales

June 30th

You can have the best trade show display the world has ever seen, and it won’t mean diddly squat if you’re at the wrong trade show. And, we’re not talking about the “we sell watering hoses but wound up at the North American Music Merchants show” mistakes here; we’re talking about trade shows that seemed good in theory but didn’t really work out in reality.

Are You Attending the Right Trade Shows?

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Be sure everyone in the company is reaching out about trade shows. Source: Shutterstock

Attending the right trade show is key to boosting your qualified leads list and improving the company’s ROI, but what makes for the “right” trade show anyway?

Are you hosting the trade show? If you’re the ones hosting the trade show, think the way potential vendors think and start promoting your trade show in terms of how it will benefit them. If you provide Company XYZ with a list of last year’s attendees that are possible lead matches for their company, you make it easier to see why your event is worth their participation costs. Find out prospective vendors’ sales goals – or trade show goals – and then come up with ways your event will help to facilitate them.

What are your goals? Okay, so everyone’s goals run the same gamut: get leads, land sales, introduce/promote new product/service, brand development, seducing investors, etc. However, you need to pare these down to a simple one or two main goals so you can evaluate potential trade shows accordingly. For example, don’t spend the time and energy trying to court investors if trade show attendees aren’t likely to include any of the big wigs.

Find out who’s who. That brings us to the next piece of the puzzle. Attending the right trade show means researching who typically attends that particular venue on a regular basis and seeing how they fit into your aforementioned goals. If it makes more sense, flip the paradigm and tailor your goals to the attendee roster to get the most bang for your buck.

Promote the heck out of it. So, choosing your trade show roster wisely is a big part of the puzzle, but pre-trade show promoting is a pretty big second. Your trade show invitations, reminders, and social media buzz play a large role in others’ decisions to attend, schedule booth time with you, or attend your VIP and sponsored events.

Are you planning to host or attend a new trade show in the near future? Let break down the logistics of your next trade show.

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