How to Uncover the Effectiveness of Your Presentation & Trade Booth

August 13th

Your trade show leads and sales are fairly easy to figure out after the event, especially when you take advantage of innovative trade show cloud management apps. Figuring out the ROI on a particular presentation or booth demonstration, on the other hand, can be a little trickier.

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How Effective Was Your Booth’s Presentation or Demonstration? Use These Tips to Find Out

The following tips can help you assess how effective your presentation and demos really were. Plus, they can also provide insight in regards to your booth’s presence as a whole, helping your team to determine what features matter and what ones can be ditched or revamped so every aspect of your trade show presence makes a positive impact.

The Old Fashioned Way. Technological innovations have certainly gone a long way towards improving trade show marketing, promoting and even in regards to putting on more engaging and captivating presentations. Even so, sometimes old fashioned methods work best. Consider using good ol’, handy-dandy evaluation cards to learn more about your presentation’s strengths and weaknesses, to evaluate the professionalism and effectiveness of the presenter(s) and to learn what information was the most influential as well well as what information was lacking. This is a hands-on way to get instant feedback and the information you get back can be implemented immediately so your next presentation is even better.

Conduct personal interviews. This can be daunting, especially if there is any critical feedback to be heard, however, working the crowd is an excellent way to personalize your brand. Have your staffers make their way through the crowd, introducing themselves and asking audience members what they liked, what further information they required and so on. Face time is a powerful influence so even a more lackluster presentation can be buoyed exponentially if you and your staff make a positive impression afterwards.

Make notations on lead forms. Add a section regarding your presentation on lead forms so you can take note of which clients or leads attended the presentation, record their thoughts and comments about the presentation, their information retention and how many actually purchased a product or service, or became a qualified lead, as the result of the presentation.

Once you’ve compiled the necessary information, use’s trade show cloud management features to synthesize analytics and streamline reports so you can design more a more effective presentation next time. Contact to learn more.

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