Find Your Niche & Target Audience for Better Conversions at Trade Shows

July 13th

It doesn’t matter how amazing your booth design is, how informed and friendly your booth staff may be, and it doesn’t even matter if your demonstrations were the best ones at the trade show – if you aren’t marketing to the right target audience, your ROI will stink.

Tips for Marketing to the Right Target Audience at Trade Shows

Try these trade show marketing tips. Source: Adriano Castelli /

Try these trade show marketing tips. Source: Adriano Castelli /

Choosing the right trade shows to attend, then marketing and working with booth visitors appropriately, are the keys to yielding the increased conversions and future sales your marketing, sales, and management teams are counting on.

The following tips will help you locate your target market at a trade show so you can get qualified leads that translate to conversions once you’re back home.

  1. Attend the right shows. Make sure you only participate in trade show events that appeal to your target audience and niche markets. You can contact trade show hosts ahead of time to learn more about who usually attends, which vendors have attended in the past, and so on to learn more about the typical attendee persona.
  2. Identify your niche. What niche are you trying to gain or maintain? Just like online marketing requires a knowledge of particular buyer personas, so too does your trade show marketing and booth strategies. If you don’t know exactly who needs you, booth staff will have a harder time discerning who is a qualified lead and who isn’t.
  3. Learn how to better highlight products and services. Does your banner, booth displays, and social media campaigns get the heart of what your products and services actually do? Sure, an auto parts store sells auto parts, but does it specialize in diesel engines, work with DIY customers, or focus on long-term maintenance benefits? Marketing messages should convey the specialty features that set you apart from competitors.
  4. Use pre-trade show marketing to create a buzz. How much time and effort are you putting into trade show marketing to the right audience before the show? Extend personalized invitations to your own customers, clients, and current qualified leads lists  advertising the show and your presence. Creating a buzz ahead of time generates more interest in your booth once venue doors open.
  5. Focus on face-time. Make face-time a priority so you have a more personalized advantage over typical meet-and-greet approaches. Exert the effort to memorize names/faces, and schedule follow-up meetings right there rather than waiting for post-show follow-ups. Consider sponsoring or hosting after-hours social events or VIP Q&A sessions to further your connection with leads.’s unrivaled tradeshow marketplace tools streamline paperwork and planning processes so you can focus energies on marketing to the right target audience and increasing sales figures. Contact us to learn more.

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