Confidently Ship & Track Shipments for Your Trade Show without Hassle

August 21th

Whether you’re a trade show newbie or are a tried-and-true veteran, sending trade show equipment and materials to the next show can bring a lump to your throat and a lurch to your heart. One single shipping or freight snafu and you’re up you-know-what creek without a paddle. This risk is amplified with the situation demands express methods to get your goods there faster than normal.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Tips For Shipping and Tracking Your Trade Show Goods in a Rush

The following tips can help you breathe a little easier when those last-minute changes, quick trade show turnarounds, or other life surprises require you to rely on expedited shipping methods.

  1. Establish good relationships with shipping and freight vendors. More often then not, the professionals you deal with will begin to feel like family – as long as you work with the same company over and over. While it’s always good to shop around to find the best price, sometimes sticking with the same company or a couple of companies, is worth it – even if they cost a little more. As you know, personalized professional connections can go a long way in this industry when it comes to special treatment and fast-tracking, so the better relationships you have with shipping carriers, the better your shipment will be handled.
  2. Get organized beforehand. Before you ever let the goods off the dock, make sure you have detailed records and paper work in order. Cloud based tradeshow planning apps consolidate and organize records, invoices and paperwork. Take detailed notes regarding each box or parcel, its weight, dimensions, and any other identifying features that will make it easier for you or others to find it should it get lost or deposited at the wrong location.
  3. Ask yourself if it’s essential. Don’t just assume a particular item or feature is essential simply because it’s “part of the plan.” In some cases, you can make do without the item in question, which may save you a considerable chunk of money, not to mention stress – especially if the arrival date is questionable.
  4. Use a tradeshow-specific carrier. There are carriers that specialize in tradeshow transport and are very used to the “now now now” m.o. Talk to their agents about your freight, weights, package dimensions etc. to see if they can help out. Offer to pay extra for a team of drivers, who can cover more miles in a single day.

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