Utilizing Technology to Brand, Promote & Engage

May 28th

If you are a veteran of the trade show circuit, you remember when technology first hit the scene. It captivated the attention of attendees, and booths that exploited these technologies first, ranging from video presentations to interactive learning technology, consistently engaged the most visitors.

Examples of Successful Branding, Promoting & Prospect Engagement Using Interactive Learning Technology

Technology is the norm and it isn’t as easy to stick out from the flock when trying to brand, promote and engage prospective buyers and future customers using flashy touch screens and monitors. The following examples demonstrate how learning technology can be used to help attendees learn more about your company and products while getting in touch with their inner-child and actively engaging with your platform.

The article Interactive Learning, on ExhibitorOnline, shares a few examples where interactive learning technology was used for more than just fun and games. Corporation giants like MSD Oss B.V., a subsidiary of Merck & Co. Inc., Derse and Michelin, aren’t spending tens of thousands of dollars creating elaborate interactive games for nothing. Here are some of the features that made their games “work,” leaving participants with a stronger sense of the brand and a more thorough understanding of their products and services:

Brand information + General information. At an international conference in Istanbul, Turkey, MSD oss B.V., knew many of the attendees were from other countries. They put together a Jeopardy style game that mixed information and facts about their company’s products along with handy directional and cultural factoids about Istanbul and Turkey. The game was a hit and thousands of people left the conference knowing more than they did when they began – times two!

Foster interactive dialogue. Milwaukee-based exhibit house Derse Inc., created an interactive game that combined fun (using slingshots to shoot acorns at answer targets) with serious queries to learn more about what attendees thought and felt regarding a variety of topics. There are two great themes here; first, by using dialogue-engaging questions, there were no “wrong” answers and, second, questions worked to loosen up both booth representatives and attendees, making post-game conversation less awkward.

Interactive mascots. Put that mascot to work! Michelin put their iconic Bib to work in an interactive game regarding safety statistics (serious), but also included Bib reaching out for “photo ops” with attendees (humorous). Mascots offer a means of taking serious material and creating a more lighthearted experience for participants.

If interactive learning games appeal to you, do make sure you have a purpose for the game. Test and practice with it in plenty of time to work out any snafus before attendees are lining up to play, and do plan on having a backup “just in case”. Contact the team at Eventrio to learn more ways to boost your trade show success using innovative tech platforms and applications.

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