Nurturing Leads Into Potential Sales

March 31th

You’ve done your part to design a stunning trade show booth, and the crowds are flocking. Now, your job is to engage the visitors to your booth and begin organizing your contacts into lead ranks. Throughout the show’s duration, and after you return home, lead nurturing and management are the top priority to increase sales and make your trade show’s ROI worth your hard work and energy.

Tips for Lead Nurturing and Management that Will Convert into Sales

Organizing your leads into A, B, and C categories, or whatever monikers you deem appropriate, are your first step in lead nurturing and management. The information you use to categorize these leads will make your sales team’s job easier, not to mention more personalized.

Organize your leads aptly. Make sure your management and sales teams are on the same page regarding what makes for a “qualified lead” as well as the qualifications pertaining to each tier. The term “qualified” is completely objective, and the qualifications vary from company to company. Are your “A leads” those that express a critical or immediate need, or are they the ones who have visited your booth more than three times at the same show? Have a unified vision of how leads should be sorted and this will help your sales and marketing team work more cohesively to direct A, B, and C-level leads through the sales funnel.

A Leads to Sales ASAP. Put A leads in the hands of sales people ASAP. The sooner the better since these same individuals are probably labeled A leads for your competitors as well. The key to a successful sales contact is having all of the relevant information on hand, so make sure your trade show booth team has taken detailed notes about any qualified leads, including their location, specific challenges, acute problems that need resolution, and any other key words or phrases that will facilitate a more successful and personalized follow-up contact.

Establish ongoing communication with B & C leads. Your B and C leads should soon become A leads with the right nurturing. Continue to correspond with them via email, social media channels, and phone calls, providing timely and relevant information. Become their go-to resource, and you’ll win the sale when B and C leads are ready to pull the trigger. Always extend invitations to visit you at upcoming trade shows and/or future VIP events relevant to their needs.

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