Maximize Leads & Sales Through Integrated Social Media Marketing & Marketing Apps

August 10th

If you aren’t taking advantage of trade show cloud management services, lead generating apps, and integrated social media marketing, odds are you’re taking an old school approach to trade show planning and execution.

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Jump Start Trade Show Experiences With Trade Show Cloud Management & Other Apps

Now’s the time to revolutionize how you view the trade show planning and marketing experience so you offer potential and current clients a streamlined experience while simultaneously boosting leads and sales.

Apps for lead generation. It’s rare that a booth visitor will automatically sign up for your company’s products and services. Instead, they’re doing their homework, visiting an array of similar vendors, noting pros and cons of each and then compiling and reviewing that information to make a decision when they return home. Lead generating apps can keep you engaged with more discerning prospects, providing a unified platform where you can view, and review, each other’s information.

Apps for marketing and promoting. Hopefully, you already leverage social media to promote trade show attendance, generating excitement about your booth, presentations and any sponsored events you are hosting. However, many trade show venues offer event-specific apps that act as a trade show venue map (a place to promote your logo and brand) as well as splash screen that can highlight your company via website links, videos and more.

Integrated social media apps. Once the show has commenced, use the same social media accounts you used to promote your presence as a means of posting real-time updates during the event. You can also use snap chat, Twitter, and Facebook to communicate with recent booth visitors and potential leads as they make their way through the venue. It’s a powerful way to keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Cloud-based trade show planning apps. Perhaps some of the most exciting new apps are those related to trade show planning, analytics, reporting, and real-time ordering and invoicing. These 21st century apps are taking cumbersome and old school methods – involving copious time, energy and headaches on your part – and streamlining them in one, convenient location – so you can plan your trade show from start to finish using mobile apps and your favorite gadget. Once the show is over, your post-show reports can be organized, printed and presented in no time.

Contact, a leader in trade show cloud management apps, to revamp your trade show experience.

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