Creating Value from Trade Show Sponsorship

March 20th

Trade show sponsorship and ROI is a tough nut to crack in an era when social media and digital marketing make it easier for everyone to share the playing field. In order for your company’s sponsorship to matter, and result in the ROI you’re hoping for, you need to take a giant leap away from the norm and try something new, daring, and attention grabbing.

Increase Trade Show Sponsorship ROI Using Innovative Techniques

First, you need to analyze trade show sponsorship ROI by planning ahead and analyze metrics in a more creative way. It’s not always easy to tell how many people you engage during a sponsored activity, but you can find ways to analyze the return on your objectives (ROO). To do this, you must create objectives regarding how many members of your target audience will be exposed to your brand/message, how many will engage with it, how many leads will be generated as a result of your sponsorship, etc.

Technological platforms, like the ones offered through Eventrio, will help you round up past trade show metrics and analyze them instantly via a single application. Use resulting analytics to direct future sponsorship activities that consistently provide the results you want.

The following are trade show ideas that actually work:

Trade show tours. Get in on trade show tours, or start one of your own. Sure, there’s a small percentage of trade show attendees that get off on the razzle-dazzle at booth after booth. However, most people want to get in, get the information they want, and get out. Leading or participating in an product- or service-oriented tour streamlines the trade show experience for attendees, placing qualified leads front and center at your booth before their eyes glaze over.

Host Q&A sessions. Help your target audience members get the information they’re looking for more efficiently by hosting Q&A sessions that go beyond the customary meet-and-greet format at the front of the booth. Designate extra square footage for this express purpose, and make it a VIP experience for participants.

Get in on the fun. We’ll take poetic license here and say, “Be the fun you want to have at a trade show.” Table Tennis anyone? How about a conference room skee-ball tournament or a round of mini-disk golf? Figure out a way to incorporate products and services in a relaxed way. Be the sponsors of memorable fun, and you’ll make an impression.

Speaking of making impressions, contact Eventrio and we guarantee our products and services will make a positive impression and impact. Planning and organizing trade show exhibits and sponsorships has never been this easy.

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