Promote & Attract Attention with Assertive Booth Marketing

February 16th

It takes more than a couple of “Booth Babes” or flashy entertainment to create the trade show traffic your company is looking for. Trade shows are big, loud, crowded and often overwhelming. While some may love the idea of spending hours strolling exhibit halls, most professionals have a more focused approach. In How to Boost Traffic at Your Trade Show Booth, author Christine Lagorio-Chafkin cites 70 percent of trade show attendees make a list of which vendors they’re going to visit before they arrive.

Reaching this audience requires assertive booth marketing and outreach on your part to achieve the lead-worthy foot traffic you desire.

Email, snail mail, any mail. Reach out to contacts beforehand via well-crafted email and/or snail mail reminders of where you’ll be and when. Personalized mail has the best chance of reaching contacts’ hands, rather than the trash bin. Invite any and all prospects you can think of. An invitation from you means recipients are more likely to put your booth on their “must-see” list.

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Schedule face time. Have contacts in the area where the trade show is taking place? Know contacts or customers who plan on attending? Schedule face time with contacts or customers over a drink or meal, and visit with them again during the trade show. Not only does it get them to your booth, it continues to build more personal business relationships.


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Organize private, invite-only demonstrations. As we mentioned above, trade shows can be so over-stimulating that they’re mind-numbing. Creating a more quiet, clean, and private invite-only demonstration area is a smart way to attract your strongest prospects. It also keeps demos of new products away from the eyes of snooping competitors and provides prospects with more hands-on experience.

Host a main stage event. Often, the greatest trade show incentives are after-hours parties and events. Invest a little extra in hosting one, and your company will benefit from loads of exposure. Hesitant about bearing the bulk of the financial responsibility? Team up with some of your complementary industry leaders and host an event together. Your brand’s presence at a sought-after event is a major bonus. Plus, it gives you a reason to send out more invites to lure prospects your way.

Feeling overwhelmed already? is ready to help you get the best ROI on a tradeshow yet. Contact us to start planning.

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