May 28th

Utilizing Technology to Brand, Promote & Engage

If you are a veteran of the trade show circuit, you remember when technology first hit the scene. It captivated the attention of attendees, and booths that exploited these technologies first, ranging from video presentations to interactive learning technology, consistently engaged the most visitors. Examples of...

May 28th

Face-to-Face Connections Drive Collaboration

Digital media is the way people find you these days, right? Even so, nothing compares with face-to-face connections, one of the primary benefits of trade shows. Trade shows bring people right to your "door," via pre-trade show promotion and attractive booth displays. Once those visitors arrive,...

May 6th

The Do’s of Trade Shows for Newbies

Planning and organizing a trade show display is not for the feint-of-heart, which can be overwhelming for newbies. Before you change your name and buy a one-way ticket far from your company's headquarters, take a deep breath and check out these Do's for trade show...

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