June 12th

Successful Habits of Great Trade Show Vendors

If you're a trade show junkie, you know about those Trade Show Stars. The minute their booth is up, touch screen monitors are engaged and fabulous booth staff exude their mojo; you know you're witnessing trade show magic in action.   The Secrets of Successful Trade Show...

June 2th

5 Tips for Effective Trade Show Planning

Planning for a trade show is as much about pre-planning logistics as it is about the meticulous orders, shipping, invoice tracking, and setup required for a successful event. Whether you're an established association, exhibitor, or vendor, innovative digital platforms, like Eventrio's, will keep the bulk...

June 1th

Shopping for an Exhibit? Hot Tips for Creating a RFP

Whether your company is just starting out on the trade show circuit or your current booth makes retro-displays seem contemporary, shopping for a new display requires a well-written request for proposal (RFP) so prospective vendors have all the pertinent information. Resulting proposals include similar line items, so...

May 29th

Edgy Trade Show Trends Emerging in 2015

There's really only one way to guarantee your trade show display or presentation attains the "Wow!" factor management hopes for; you gotta keep pushing the edge. Attendees tire quickly of the same gimmicks used from season to season. Instead, it's your team's job to push...

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