…and How Eventrio Benefits You

Our goal is to simplify the “Trio” of the Event; organizers, exhibitors and suppliers. And our philosophy is simple…build software that’s easy, and only costs money when providing you value. That’s why Eventrio combines the functionality of many legacy systems that can cost upwards of six figures, for free.


Event Organizers

Eventrio Feature Benefit

  • Build a show & centralize your event experience with a show branded marketplace
  • Central dashboard for tracking communication and engagement with suppliers and exhibitors
  • Sell sponsorships and build custom packages on the fly
  • Sell and approve meeting room space and logistics
  • Track spend analytics, inventory quantities, time of engagement and more.
  • Integrate with other event technology apps to consolidate the experience of  your event
  • Shorten your event preparation and planning time
  • Directly source furnishings, freight and labor if you can’t find a good decorator


Exhibitor F&B

  • Like a universal tradeshow “Pre-Check pass” account for all participating shows
  • Track budget vs. actual spend in real-time for all shows
  • Order all tradeshow products and services within the show marketplace
  • Turn 6 months of staggered preparation into a few minutes of shopping
  • Schedule orders to transact on certain dates with multiple methods of payment
  • Eliminate late penalties and filing
  • Avoid unforeseen charges on your bill with the estimate approval portal
  • Setup a budget by show, and receive real-time spend analytics and reconciliation reports
  • Order on your mobile device, and avoid the long lines and paper order forms on show site


Supplier F&B

  • Join a vast, searchable network and be selected as an immediate role within an event
  • Build show specific pricing catalogs of your inventory; save time with catalog templates
  • Limited views of your catalog in the marketplace to only exhibitors and the show organizers
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Get paid instantly, track scheduled orders
  • Make updates to charges with our estimate portal; avoid manual processing, or storing exhibitor’s credit card information on a piece of paper.
  • Real-time analytics on profit margins, receivables, and inventory
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