Author: Eric Schaumburg

March 31th

Nurturing Leads Into Potential Sales

You've done your part to design a stunning trade show booth, and the crowds are flocking. Now, your job is to engage the visitors to your booth and begin organizing your contacts into lead ranks. Throughout the show's duration, and after you return home, lead...

March 24th

Avoid Shipping Snafus with Vendors & Freight Carriers

Your company's ability to participate in upcoming trade shows will be considerably limited if shipping snafus and screw-ups from various vendors and/or freight carriers prevent goods from making it on time or, equally disastrous, result in pallets of dented and abused boxes full of damaged...

March 20th

Creating Value from Trade Show Sponsorship

Trade show sponsorship and ROI is a tough nut to crack in an era when social media and digital marketing make it easier for everyone to share the playing field. In order for your company's sponsorship to matter, and result in the ROI you're hoping for,...

March 16th

Top Selling Techniques That Win & Get Leads

You aren't at the trade show to have fun and network regardless of what social media marketers want you to think. You are there to solidify your brand presence and win the leads and sales that keep your company successful. 4 Trade Show Selling Techniques For Record-Breaking...

March 3th

Budgeting & Exhibiting Costs Made Easy

Getting the green light to attend the next big trade show depends on your ability to demonstrate a solid ROI for your company. This process doesn't have to be rocket science. In fact, using your past trade show costs and a little innovation, these figures...

February 16th

Create Winning Vendor Booths Inexpensively

Designing trade show booths can be a waste of time and energy if you're not aware of what you own, what you rent, and what you design. Vendors often make the mistake of procuring a ton of permanent display "stuff," with the misinformed idea that it's...

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